Validator Guide

Join Official Bridge Launch Governance

  • Prepare the private key needed to sign(a.k.a validating) the correct cross-chain bridge

  • Fork launch governance repository [LINK]

  • Commit&Push your governance information to the vault you wish to participate in

  • Send pull request

Do not expose your private key in information

Launch Instance

Hardware SpecificationsQuick Start

Expand Validating


  • Can participate in other vaults through the public Github.

  • Launch another validator instance. Orbit Bridge is based on operating one validator in one vault.

The private key must use a different key from the existing vault.


  • There are basically 3 ways to access the chain

    • Using public node operator(like Ethereum's infura)

    • Directly operate the nodes of the chain(no need to mining block)

    • Some nodes provided by Ozys. Connection limited by IP

Each has its pros and cons. Using public node easy, but have potential stability, security risk. Running your own nodes is complex and expensive, but If you have a good understanding of the chain, can be obtain more secure, stability/

  • Below are tips for each chain.


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