Registration Using Remix

Bridge KIP-7 (fungible token, original token on KLAYTN) to another chain (Ethereum, Polygon, etc...)

This guide is based on the contract address and amount supplied. Take this guide as a reference and type in the exact numbers and address as told.


  • Networks

  • Add Network from the networks dropdown if needed

  • Open Networks again and select the network you added

Remix IDE - an online IDE to develop smart contracts.

  • Download abi files

  • Load abi files into Remix IDE

  • Select ft.abi

  • Approve Token

    • Select Deploy & Run Transaction on left bar

    • Select Injected Web3 for Environment

      • For Metamask

      • Check chainID (ex. KLAYTN : 8217)

    • Put your token address and Load Contract (ex. KSP : 0xc6a2ad8cc6e4a7e08fc37cc5954be07d499e7654)

    • Put spender and the amount to be bridged

      • In this case KLAYTN Layer 1 contract : 0x9Abc3F6c11dBd83234D6E6b2c373Dfc1893F648D

      • If your original token is on a chain other than KLAYTN, please refer to the Layer 1 contract addresses

    • Click transact button

  • Send Transaction using Metamask

  • Bridge Token

    • Load the Layer 1 contract referring to the Approve Token step

    • KLAYTN Layer 1 contract : 0x9Abc3F6c11dBd83234D6E6b2c373Dfc1893F648D

    • Get ChainId for toChain (Use MATIC for POLYGON due to predefined bridge rules)

    • Put chainId to check if toChain is a supported chain

    • Put chainId to check the bridge fee to toChain

      • If chainFee is zero, then value set 0

      • if not, you must put chainFee in VALUE. (ether = 10^18 wei)

    • Dropdown depositToken, fill params and click transact

      • token : your token address (ex. KSP : 0xc6a2ad8cc6e4a7e08fc37cc5954be07d499e7654)

      • toAddr : address for receive bridged token

      • amount : 1 (ex. 0.04 KSP = 40000000000000000, decimal = 18) Basically, you are sending the minimum amount to register the token, 1/10^18 since the contract is based on the standard of decimal 18

    • Send Transaction referring to the Send Transaction using Metamask step

    • You can check the bridged token by searching for toAddr in toChain's explorer

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