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Anti-Phishing Solution: Personalized Image

Orbit Bridge supports phishing prevention personalized image service (from March 2023). The usage of personalized image service is to distinguish Orbit Bridge and similar phishing websites. Personalized image information is known only to the user and not displayed on phishing websites.

The personalized image is a combination of the image selected by the user and the personally recognized character entered by the user and is a security service to distinguish each website from Ozys apart from phishing websites. Since the personalized image set by the user is the information only the user can know. It can be hard to secure that information or implement it in the same form on phishing sites. Therefore, it helps users prevent phishing damage.

The personalized image set by the user can be registered and checked regardless of the wallet connection and is applied for each browser, not stored on the service site or remote server. Therefore, if you reinstalled the browser, deleted the browser cache/data, or used the browser in incognito mode, you may reset the registered personalized image.

If the registered personalized image is not initialized and displayed even though there are no those reasons, there is a potential risk of phishing damage. We recommend registering your personalized image after checking whether the site address you accessed is correct. Afterward, check the image is displayed on the website.

There may be phishing via pop-up with messages below. “The personalized image has been initialized due to server maintenance. Please set again.” Technically, the server cannot delete your local storage, so we ask that you pay special attention to the above pop-up or message. If you see a pop-up with messages asking you to reset your personalized image, please check the domain you are currently accessing and the latest announcement from the Orbit Chain official community.

You can find the registered personalized images at the top of the website. If the image is not displayed on the page or is shown differently from the registered information you have chosen, never proceed with information input, wallet approval, and transactions on the page. Please use it after sufficiently verifying the site, including the above reconfirmation measures. You can change personalized images an unlimited number of times.

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