Orbit Bridge

Registration on TON Using Remix

Bridge KIP-7 (fungible token, original token on KLAYTN) to TON
This guide is based on the contract address and amount supplied. Take this guide as a reference and type in the exact numbers and address as told.


  • Networks
KLAYTN : https://public-node-api.klaytnapi.com/v1/cypress
  • Add Network from the networks dropdown if needed
  • Open Networks again and select the network you added

Remix IDE

Remix IDE - an online IDE to develop smart contracts.
  • Docs
  • Download abi files
Layer 1 means original token platforms (ex. KSP's Layer 1 => KLAYTN)
ft means Fungible Token (ERC-20, KIP-7)
  • Load abi files into Remix IDE
  • Select ft.abi
  • Approve Token
    • Select Deploy & Run Transaction on left bar
    • Select Injected Web3 for Environment
      • For Metamask
      • Check chainID (ex. KLAYTN : 8217)
    • Put your token address and Load Contract (ex. KSP : 0xc6a2ad8cc6e4a7e08fc37cc5954be07d499e7654)
    • Put spender and the amount to be bridged
      • In this case KLAYTN Layer 1 contract : 0x9Abc3F6c11dBd83234D6E6b2c373Dfc1893F648D
      • If your original token is on a chain other than KLAYTN, please refer to the Layer 1 contract addresses
    • Click transact button
Updated dropdown menu Select [Injected Provider - MetaMask]
  • Send Transaction using Metamask
choose edit
edit gas fee
make sure priority fee and fee to 750
  • Bridge Token
    • Load the Layer 1 contract referring to the Approve Token step
    • KLAYTN Layer 1 contract : 0x9Abc3F6c11dBd83234D6E6b2c373Dfc1893F648D
    • Get ChainId for toChain (Use TON for TON due to predefined bridge rules)
    • Put chainId to check if toChain is a supported chain
    • Put chainId to check the bridge fee to toChain
      • If chainFee is zero, then value set 0
      • if not, you do not need to put chainFee in VALUE. (ether = 10^18 wei)
    • Dropdown depositToken, fill params and click transact
      • token : your token address (ex. KSP : 0xc6a2ad8cc6e4a7e08fc37cc5954be07d499e7654)
      • toAddr : [Your TON based wallet address that want to receive your token] TON based wallet has different type as we generally use for KIP7. Please refer to the scripts' hashPart for switching your address to 32byte address https://github.com/jaybbbb/bridge-utils
      • amount : 1 Basically, you are sending the minimum amount to register the token, 1/10^18 since the contract is based on the standard of decimal 18
    • Send Transaction referring to the Send Transaction using Metamask step
    • You can check the bridged token by searching for toAddr in toChain's explorer
If the chainFee shows any gas fee, put the same amount in the GAS FEE value
When the transaction is completed, tochain's explorer shows the result as above