How Orbit Bridge works - Fully on-chain/decentralized alidation/Vaults/Minters

The Orbit Bridge system has Governance groups composed of the roles: Operator and Validator. Orbit Bridge uses Multi-sig based transaction consensus. Through this, the Operator, who sends data, and the Validator work together to efficiently and quickly process transactions. Additionally, as the consensus and validation processes are recorded on Orbit Chain, they are transparent and trustworthy.


Relays the information needed by Governance for actual operation. Each piece of data signed by the Validators is assembled and executed by forming a transaction that runs on the chain. Collect signatures of validators gathered in OrbitChain MIG (MultisigWallet) and generate a transaction of withdrawal from Vault or mint from Minter.


A group of Validators constituting Governance verify the TX generated by each chain and record verification in the chain to reach a consensus.


The place where assets are deposited into when a bridging transaction occurred on Native Chain(Origin Chain).


Receive a request to withdraw from a chain that oToken(a token bridged via Orbit Bridge) was minted, or mint an oToken to another chain from a chain where the token is originally issued on.

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