Orbit Bridge


Implementation Contract

A contract structure using the delegatecall function of Solidity. Contract Function Update is available.
It is divided into a Data Management Contract and Function Management Contract.

Message Multi-Sig Wallet

The Message Multi-Sig Wallet Contract is a fabricated form of Contract from a Multi-Sig Wallet Contract. A verification function for a particular hash message is added.


Groups that use the Orbit Bridge system to manage and enforce Bridging requests.

Governance ID

Bridge Governance Unique Identifier of Orbit Bridge System
  • Definition : sha256(abi.encodePacked(OrbitHubContractAddress, chainSymbol, vault))

Chain ID

Unique Identifier for Managing Chain Symbols of String Type in Contract
  • Ethereum Chain Symbol : ETH
  • Klaytn Chain Symbol : KLAYTN
  • Terra Chain Symbol : TERRA
  • Definition : sha256(abi.encodePacked(contractAddress, chainSymbol))

Token Summary

Unique Identifier for Managing Token Information of Bytes Type in Contract
  • Ethereum Token Information : Token Contract Address ( exception, eth : zero address )
  • Klaytn Token Information : Token Contract Address ( exception, klay : zero address )
  • Terra Token Information : Denom
  • Definition : sha256(abi.encodePacked(chainSymbol, tokenInformation))


Chain Symbol with Bridging Request Catching
  • Lock Process of Vault Contract
  • Burn Process of Minter Contract


Chain Symbol with Bridging Execution
  • Release Process of Vault Contract
  • Mint Process of Minter contract


FromChain Address of the user who requested Bridging


ToChain Address to execute Bridging Request

Suggestion / Selection Data

Used in Chains requiring agreement on Raw Transaction
  • Suggestion : Law Transaction Data Proposed by Bridge Operator
  • Selection : Law Transaction Data agreed by Bridge Validator


ERC-20 tokens are fungibile tokens on Ethereum.


KIP-7 tokens are fungibile tokens on Klaytn.


IRC-2 tokens are fungibile tokens on Icon.